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Preparing Your Floor For Carpet Or Vinyl Fitters

When you have made that all-important decision to fit new carpets, vinyl or laminate to your home, and your fitters are on their way, the next important step is to get the room and floor ready for the new flooring fit.

Of course, it is probably wise to know a bit about the floor they are laying your new flooring on before the fitters arrive. That way, you can ensure there are no hiccups or delays, and there are certainly some things that fitters will expect to have happened before they get there.

What do you need to do?

Here is our guide to things you need to check and prepare in advance:

  • Clear your room of furniture and obstacles. If you need assistance, let us know in advance, as we may be able to help.
  • Remove your old carpet or lino if you haven’t arranged with us to do this for you. Open windows to help prevent dust and harmful particles from sitting in the air.
  • Clean the floor, hoover or sweep to ensure there are no items left that can damage your new flooring.
  • Air the room, some of the products used to fit carpets and flooring can affect indoor air quality, so opening windows or doors beforehand and when convenient over the following few days following fitment is always advised.
  • Check door openings. If you are changing from vinyl to carpet or fitting a thicker carpet, you need additional clearance to be still able to open and close doors. If you think you might have a problem, let us know, and for a modest charge, we will fix it for you.

Once your new flooring is fitted, you will likely have some offcuts to dispose of. These could be whipped into handy mats or used to protect areas of high use, or you may choose to save a small piece in case of accident or damage to your new flooring, which we may be able to offer a patching service for at a later date.